Shopwindow, space and object design

86 Leaves of Poetry

That week was super tough. I was emotionally exhausted like everybody around; post-election apathy coupled with a few personal decisions I had to make. Hence I created this project of 86 leaves with hand-written quotes of poetry. I left them in 5 parks in Manhattan, Washington Square, Union Square, Madison Square, Bryant Park, and Tompkins Square. I bet most of leaves were never noticed but few of them might make somebody smile and think. We all need a way to cope and deal with emotions (especially when can’t afford a therapist).

Sewing Window Display

Sewing coworking was looking for a nice way to tell the strangers what's going on inside the store. Inspired by my previous project, I designed gigantic sewing/modeling objects to show the process of clothing making and attract more street customers to join the workshops.

Science Slam

Science Slam is a Moscow event that lets scientists present their research in front of a non-expert audience. I designed props that helped scientist visualise their talks. I made dozens of various objects such as a model of brain system with wires and controlled bulbs, a visualisation of GMO process or a paper prototype of zeolite.

Christmas Trees and Bullfinches

Seahorses with Pipes

Clockface Window Display

One of my favourite works, gigantic watches and colorful chains. I’ve turned old books into flower vases and many customers expressed their desire to take them home and read.

Interior Design

My take on a simple apartment renovation. White walls, old fruit boxes turned into shelves and some shoe racks made of vintage skis. You can find more details of the process on my blog (in Russian, but there are more pictures).

The Owl Gang

Paper owls in the birch forest have become a hit among customers. By the end of the season every bird had a new home.

Event Decoration

This celebration became a travel themed party with a bunch of cute details like vintage maps, old suitcases, globes, and road signs. To keep it romantic I’ve put up a fine flower arrangement in rose and white colors.

Photoshoot Styling

Fancy a Cup of Tea?

There’s been a time when everyone was fond of mint color, and so was I. And the same year I’ve fallen in love with London and enjoyed their British “tea time”. That’s how this flower tea ceremony has happened and found its place in my shop window.

Christmas Decor for a Computer Store

These unwrapped presents helped to get a clue of the best Christmas gift.


Figura is a set of parts to build an object without ever having to glue or nail anything. It’s an easy built plywood box for organising stationery and office supplies, keeping jewellery in order, storing your favorite book and magazine collection or even making a base for flower vases.

Photo Shoot Styling

I’ve set up a photo shoot for a handbags brand Fabio Bruno. I did styling and managed the whole process including collaboration with make-up and hair dress artists.

Sewing Window Display

JJ is a women’s shop offering bright and trendy outfits. I’ve made plenty of giant things for them — rope rolls, scissors and a huge comb bigger than me.

Christmas Decoration

Ballet under a snowy Christmas town.

Flamingo Window Display

A meeting of these gorgeous birds melted my heart and they’ve become the main characters in my summer project.

Tipi Coffee Pop-up Cafe Design

Tipi Coffee is a small project that makes good coffee and home-baked pastries. I’ve designed simple stylish decorations which can be easily packed in a small suitcase and arranged in seconds.

Photoshoot Styling

Pictures for summer and winter handbags sale campaign.

Visual Merchandising

I can organise any merchandise in a beautiful and efficient way to make the shopping experience nice and easy.

I’m a visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York. I design window displays, props, decorations, help organise events and style photoshoots. I’m always open to new ideas and projects. Small and indie venues are more than welcome to inquire my service.

I blog about traveling, work process, shoe obsession, cooking, and sewing.

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